We offer ready-made projects: a disinfection unit (car wash) for vehicles, heated disinfection barrier, the weight for transport, storage 35x12x3 m.

List of key input data needed to start designing

1) The details of one of the following documents, under which the decision to develop project documentation:
-Federal Target Program, a program of development of an RF subject, a comprehensive program of municipal, departmental target program and other programs;
Solution developer (the order to organize the start of construction).
2) Specify the design approved by the customer.
3) The report documentation on the results of engineering research (survey, the results of engineering-geological surveys).
4) Legal documents for capital construction object:
- In the case of the preparation of project documentation for reconstruction or repair of capital construction object: the decision (order) administration, "On the resolution of the customer object reconstruction," a copy of the certificate of ownership of land, or lease the land;
- In the case of the preparation of project documentation for new construction: the conclusion of environmental review for siting construction, the act of choice land, agreed with the concerned authorities.
5) The approved and duly registered land development plan provided for the allocation of capital construction object (or APL, approved by the city (or district) and architect of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning).
6) The specifications for the connection object to the external engineering networks, under Part 7 of Article 48 of the Development Code of the Russian Federation and other normative legal acts, if the functioning of the projected capital construction object is impossible without its connection to the network engineering and technical support for general use.
7) If the reconstruction, the "Technical inspection of the bearing capacity of the building."

Factors affecting pricing

1) Production capacity of the facility: thousands of heads, thousands of places for the eggs, tons, etc. 
2) Dimensions of the building (length x width x height). 
The position is required to determine the cost of designing separate facilities and ancillary service use (disinfection barrier, stock bedding, etc.). 

3) The results of engineering-geological surveys.  If you notice at the construction site sagging, heaving, swelling, etc.  soil, or the presence of multiple thin (1m) engineering-geological elements (IGE) of soil, the cost of the design increases to 15%. 
4) The design. With the reduction of design period of up to 1.5 times the rate increases to 20%. 
5) The most important thing! Properly developed business plan with an estimated total cost of construction. It is important that customer a clear idea of ??what he wants from him and how much it will cost. There are cases when in the implementation of the documentation necessary surcharge or that the equipment / materials in connection with the high cost of the original version, described in planning permission. This leads to an increase in the cost of design work (up to 30% of the total), and also prolong the life of design.

Compilations prices for design work

1) Enterprises of agricultural complex:

2) Building Materials Industry Enterprise(611,5 Kb) download (rus)

3) Road Transport Enterprise (391,5 Kb) download (rus)


Design assignment

Design assignment - the source document for the design of a technical object. It establishes the basic purpose of the developed project, its technical characteristics, quality indicators and the technical and economic requirements, an order to perform the required steps of creating documentation, and its composition, as well as special requirements.
Design assignment is a legal document. It`s included as an appendix to the contract between customer and supplier for design work, and it is the basis: Ódefines the terms and conditions of work, including the purpose, objectives, principles, expectations and deadlines.
The solution to any problem begins with its understanding and clarifying the original data. Specifications which are issued by the customer, defines the layman and not always technically precise and exhaustive. The purpose of the design assignment - to make the requirement of technical expertise to formulate the problem and methods for its solution. Performer (project organization) does it in close contact with the customer.

Blank of design assignment (70,0  Š) download (rus)

"Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation" 29.12.2004 N 190-‘«

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 16, 2008 Ļ87 "On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements to their content"