Planning and working documentation development

Planning documents
Planning documents are developed by sections according to the regulations „About the sections structure of planning documents and its content requirement” (Approved by the government regulation of Russian Federation 16th February 2008 87).

Sections enumerate:
Section 1 „Explanatory note”
Section 2 „The planning organization of ground area”
Section 3 „Architectural solutions”
Section 4 „Structural-spacial concept”
Section 5 „Information about engineering equipment, engineer and technical networks, enumeration of engineer and technical measures, technological solutions content”
  • subsection „Power supply system”
  • subsection „Water supply system”
  • subsection „Sanitary sewer system”
  • subsection „Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating systems”
  • subsection „Communications network”
  • subsection „Gas supply system”
  • subsection „Technological solutions”
Section 6 „Building organization project”
Section 7 „Organization of pulling down and dismantling capital construction objects” (optional)
Section 8 „Measures of environmental protection”
Section 9 „Measures of fire safety”
Section 10 „Measures of providing access for disabled persons”
Section 10.1 "Measures of providing observance of requirements to energetic effectiveness and requirements to buildings equipment by registration used energetic resources".
Section 11 „Building capital construction objects estimate”
Section 12 „The other documentation provided for federal laws”

Planning documents are subject to state (or non-state) examination according to part 1 article 49, 50 of Russian Federation civil code.

Working documents
Working documents are developed on the base of planning documents.
Working documents include:
  • working plans, aim to handle building and installation works
  • accompanying documents developed as an addition to the working plans

The working plans are executed by marks according to the appendix B GOST R 21.1101-2013 „The main requirements to planning and working documentation”.

The main marks are:
- The production technology
- General plan
- Architectural solutions
- Concrete structures
- Metal structures
- Water supplying and sanitary sewer system
- Heating ventilation and air conditioning
, Gas supplying (inner and outer networks)
, Power electrical equipment, electric light

The implementation of a technical customer in the design

  • Collect baseline data for the design: the calculation of feasibility studies, the acquisition of technical conditions, the organization of geological and geodetic surveys.
  • Matching specification for the project with the bodies of RTN and Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  • Technical support and monitoring of the development of design estimates.
  • Participation in the coordination of technical documentation prepared with the relevant state authorities and local self-government: Planning Authority.
  • Presentation of the customer in the bodies of expertise: the collection of documents in accordance with the established procedure, the work to address the comments in the construction documents up to a positive conclusion.
  • Matching sections of the project with city services: Heating system, Energosbyt, water utility and other.